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Technology R & D

Material research

Based on the characteristics of the material, we study the microscopic morphology and crystal structure of the material, carry out physical and chemical performance analysis, thermodynamic analysis, electrolyte analysis, etc., so that the product has higher energy density, faster charge and discharge ratio, more stable performance.

Special Battery Research

We focus on soft-clad polymer lithium-ion high-capacity batteries, high-cycle electricity, high-temperature batteries, magnification batteries, ultra-thin flat batteries, and so on, in the polymer lithium electronic battery in the leading level.

Innovative test methods

We according to the individual needs of customers, targeted design and testing, covering performance, reliability, electrical, software, microscopic form and structure, mechanical environment safety and other aspects, while constantly optimizing the existing testing methods, and according to the needs of the development of new testing programs, all-round to ensure product quality to meet customer needs.